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How to Make Messaging App that People Will Love

WhatsApp uses YAWS for data storing and HTML5 WebSockets to create a solid connection between a server and messenger. Its developers believe that the Linux system is more bug-creating, which is a somewhat debatable statement. Do not forget that your app should have an option to send files from the device and capture real-life moments from the app directly.

How to Create a Messaging App

Your app will run on a scalable and secure cloud ecosystem. Moreover, nandbox provides free hosting, load, stress testing, and regular updates. A secure and scalable backend platform is necessary to run apps smoothly. Media Service- When it comes to messaging apps, media service is one of the most important aspects to consider.

Emerging audiences

An average cost of a chat app varies between $20,000 and $80,000. This way, your contractors won’t be able to veer off course and go against your product vision. In addition to sending text messages, users of an ordinary chatting application should also be able to send and receive file data.

99,9% of the chat app features are similar so standing out can be a challenge. However, there are still ways to develop a unique value proposition and make a chat app easily recognizable. To date, Signal is considered the most secured and best-encrypted chatting app since even Signal itself cannot access the data exchanged. The messages sent via it leave no trace on the servers and can never be restored after deleting. Since Instagram also has in-build chatting features, you are welcome to check it for add-on ideas and inspiration.


Our experts will choose the best business strategy for you that will ensure the success of your project in the shortest possible time. When the product is complete and fully meets its specifications, the development team releases it to the public—on App Store or Google Play, depending on the platform. Weelorum offers customized mobile solutions fully aligned with your business needs.

  • Our team continuously iterates and optimizes the component to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Do you have a question about which is the best messaging app currently in the market?
  • The messengers are working via the Internet and can be installed on PC, smartphones, or tablets.
  • Apart from the white label, there are also ready to build solutions.
  • Push notifications boost user engagement and 3-10 times higher retention.

The average messenger should have a Contacts directory, which contains saved phone numbers or accounts of other users, and a Search option. In this case, Contacts must be integrated with a similar directory on the user’s device. Nandbox’s service leverages existing cloud infrastructure and off-the-shelf databases. Additionally, nandbox guarantees an innovative, flexible, and compact distribution. Hence, your app built with nandbox will run on a five nines availability system – which means an uptime of 99.999%.

Steps to Build a Messaging App from Scratch

In a number of ways, the team chat use case presents more complex development problems compared to simpler one-on-one messaging apps. Those looking to build a Slack clone will need to support the topic-oriented channel format made popular by Slack, along with individual direct messaging and ad-hoc group messaging. The app will also need to be architected for multi-tenancy, keeping each customer’s chat environment walled off from the others. In search of more privacy and peace of mind, these users are turning to lesser-known secure messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. When selecting a tech stack for your messaging app, put users and their experience in a priority and consider the speed, performance, and security of the chat app. It is hard to create a product on the same level as the giants like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger in in this highly competitive market.

IOS and Android have the largest market share for mobile devices, so building for both platforms will allow you to reach the most people. If you’re looking to make a messaging app, one of your primary concerns is likely to cost. Development costs can be high, and if you’re not careful, they can quickly spiral out of control. There are a few key ways to keep your development costs low while creating a messaging app that meets your users’ needs. Before creating a messenger app, it is essential to do market research. This will help you determine what features to include in your app, your target audience, and your competition.There are a few ways to do market research for a messenger app.

Communication Protocols

According to statistics, it is estimated by 2020, messaging app companies will gain an average revenue per user of $15. Users can share their location with friends to find each other or just show where a store, office, parking or whatever is located. For example, in Telegram, a user to whom a location was sent can build a route from current to the final https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ point. According to On Device Research, users from different parts of the world have at least two messengers installed on their smartphones. This could be banner ads, interstitial ads, or even native ads that blend in with the app’s content. By following the tips above during app development, you can give yourself the best chance for success.

Thus, you should create your messaging app to outline your app as a reliable tool that keeps the connection stable and reproduces lost messages during disconnection. To make your app work, it should first be well packed and built. Think of existing apps and find case studies that will help to define the tech stack best working for your project.


Most chat app developers often prefer to use a popular programming language as the development platform. Unfortunately, the platform, language, services, or libraries may not support the requirements of a chat app. But the developer would have wasted time and money before realizing this fact.

How to Create a Messaging App

Therefore, if you want to make a messaging app, be sure to follow these steps. If needed, implement more security features on your chat app, e.g., preclude forwarding messages to persons outside https://www.globalcloudteam.com/projects/corporate-mobile-messenger-development/ the secret chat, enable notifications about taken screenshots, etc. Secretum is the world’s first decentralized, encrypted messaging and OTC trading app for crypto and blockchain asset owners.

Change notification settings for specific people

Founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009, WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows users to exchange messages in real-time. It is a cost-effective alternative to short message service rendered by mobile carrier networks. It is said that WhatsApp has done to SMS what Skype did to international calling. Today, the app is available everywhere, from smartphones and tablets to PCs and Macbooks.

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